You have done that enough

    You have done that enough. You have been a part of that misery, counting calories spoon by spoon. You don’t feel entitled to that red-velvet even though you have worked hard all week, day after day. You creepily look at the jar of the frozen yogurt sitting in your fridge, You want it... Continue Reading →

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Fourth-wave feminism- A new way of saying Femi(net)ism?

Comic Strip by Palak Nagpal using Canva ‘A new wave of feminism is here, and its most powerful weapon is the hashtag (Chittal, 2015).’ Traditionally and historically, the first wave of feminism which happened during the end of the nineteenth century was mainly about white middle-class women fighting for suffrage and other legal rights.... Continue Reading →

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IT’s a beautiful day today!

Its a lovely day to have cup of hot coffee, ignore everything, the misery of our senses, the jobs not found, the bad blood, the estrangement of dislocation and the scores undeserved! Its a good day to let go! Its a wonderful day to ponder and write not about what we don't have but how... Continue Reading →

Is it my fault that I am myself?

Is it my fault that I am myself? When I waited forever to realise it’s me, Accept myself for who I am, Love the person for who they are,   I cried every night, digging my head in the pillow, Accusing God of who he made me, Only because you hurled abuses at me, Called... Continue Reading →

Midnight Musings

#1 I don’t have the body like Selena. Neither do I have skin like her. I don’t have the curves like the Kardashians. Neither do I have a distinctive fashion sense. I don’t know the definition of beauty that Kylie or Gigi proclaim in this new-age. Neither do I own expensive pancakes to deposit on... Continue Reading →

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